Online Reputation Management and PR

Today, websites are not once-made and then kept-static entities of any business. They are encouraging and getting a lot of user interactions. User generated content is spread everywhere.   Social media interactions are unrestrained along with building business successes.

People are tweeting about your business, commenting on your Facebook page and sharing your content. Views, opinions , voices and reviews matter a million times than ever before.

We tackle this crucial pillar, online reputation management, by complying with certain commandments for our clientele:

  • Respect the popular sentiments out there
  • Be transparent
  • Address criticism
  • Being politely reactive
  • Monitor constantly

Likewise, we also manage online PR with influencer outreach and with proper handling of issues of our clients. We do coverage on online news portals, blogs, online publications and other relevant communities on the internet.

Online PR requires a blend of social, persuasive, creative, and technical skills. We deliver them in context with a proper marketing strategy & with at least  2X impact.

Brand reputation monitoring and management are also our areas of focus.

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