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You already own the world’s most amazing computer and mobile phones. You’re using that every day to blink and think with and importantly to be happy with. It’s your one-of-a-kind incredible mind. Those rectangular boxes that you spend the majority of the time glued to visually, demand your attention 24X7 to keep you distracted and focused simultaneously. They are everything – Friends; Family; Dragons; And even Marketing Dragons!
With those things in mind, we decided to rethink the relationship technology has with people.

Marketo Labz specifically believes that technology can be carved to influence people, nothing less than in a humongous way.


Our Team

We are young and still experienced to be called the experts to drive the most revolutionary side of the 21st century digital pie called DIGITAL MARKETING.

Hitesh Kothari

Digital Marketer/ CEO

Andrew Walton

Digital Nomad / Copy Writer

Vandana Kothari

Social Media Marketing

Pooja Yadav

Content Marketer / Social Media Marketer

Chethan Shetty

Business Development Manager


Graphic Designer

Sonal Jain


Bangalore, India

Penthouse 01, 6th Floor, Rich Homes Apartment, Richmond Road, Bengaluru.

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Maryland, US

3417, Tulane Dr, Hyattsville, Maryland 20783

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