Does your Santa have these Social Media gifts?


Dear social media lovers, can you hear the Christmas bell ringing around? Not just social media public, just because being addressed initially, but all the interest holders of technology directly or indirectly, this blog post is dedicated to you.  In case, you are practicing social media, may be under the broader category of digital marketing,  then also the will snuggle you and pique your interest all the way more.

What did u ask from the Santa this year? Are you not bored of the usual gifts since childhood? Aren’t your gift-choices, now that you are an adult, different and whacky, and fall under the category of unheard-of demands?  Should not they be as per the needs of your new found irrevocable love?

How about buying you the gadgets that will be facilitators of your social media addiction? Or even better making your people feel the most special with exclusive gifts.One thing is for sure, these gifts will even make the Santa green with envy because he does not have them in his gift bag.

Welcome again all those who dwell on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram all the time, to this brand new, gift shop curated for you. It is one pleasantly eccentric gift-list, something unlike anywhere else, unlike gifted by anybody else, we bet.

Now, the time has come to flash some rare streak with your new magnificent discoveries this Christmas.  Explore through the below list to pick which one would back you the brightest.

1. Snapchat spectacles: They are smart, they are sturdy, they are sophisticated and last but not the least, they are symbolic of your intense Snapchat love.

You just need to pair up your Snapchat with this pair of glamorous spectacles on your eyes via Bluetooth.

The way they have been devised, you will get all the ultra- unique functionalities like charging and every other thing with this pair of spectacles.  Find how to use them here.

What are you waiting for? Is it not worth gifting right away to somebody you love, not a bad option if it’s yourself?

2. Instagram throw pillows: Just imagine your Instagram feeds becoming alive and all floating around you. Your affair with Instagram can materialize now in your bedroom on your bed and on your pillows.

You got it right. Your Instagram photos can become adorable custom pillows. A company called stitchta will do it for you.  Catch them here to gift this festive season.

3. DJI Osmo Mobile stabilizing rig: Going live on facebook or periscope is the ultimate trendy fun. There is also involved the pain of stabilizing the camera in the process. Nevertheless, the unbeatable result makes it worth the while. Something better is there for you.

DJI Osmo Mobile stabilising rig removes all the stabilization hitches while capturing the video.  It is a perfect gift for the facebook live goers for a seamless video experience with zero stress. Get it here.

4. Mophie charging case: If you are a frenzied social media user, you cannot help but constantly log in to your Snapchat and Instagram. As a result, your mobile often gets drained out of battery. Here is a relief with some convenient charging cases for you.

Mophie’s charging cases will ease the problem. Check your device and the compatible case for charging.  Get them now here –link.

5.  A Jetpack Mi-Fi personal hotspot: People are jealous of you for you have the continuous urge to post eye-feasting stuffs on your social media profiles.

Suppose, something very interesting has happened but you apparently go in the stone-age Wi-Fi session due to a sudden glitch or a different geography you have travelled to.

Let’s learn not to be bothered about them rather hit such problems on the face with this super-cool gadget Jetpack Mi-Fi. It is going to be your personal hotspot anytime and anywhere.

So, do not sacrifice your social media love, bid a goodbye to the shady Wi-Fi connections.  Buy them here and gift the most likeable present ever.

Got some tempting directions to shop for the gifts now? The vibe is nothing short of a fresh gushing fountain of real Christmas bliss.

Happy gifting!

All hail yours and your loved ones’ unending social media affection!

May you grow a stronger social media love this coming year of 2017. Until then, we will build another quirky and drool-worthy list with gadgets galore coming up out there.

In the meantime, drop in your comments to add up some more that we missed.

Hitesh Kothari

Has played some key Digital Marketing roles when at IBM-Australia and New Zealand, Infosys, Sonata Software. Also worked with the world's best Digital marketer, Neil Patel as Internet marketing consultant helping startups to billion $ companies with their Digital Marketing. Has worked on 100+ marketing campaigns and a few of them are IBM Australian Open, SAPPHIRE, Oracle Open World, etc. He's currently leading Marketo Labz and giving digital marketing strategies to various companies and individuals alike.

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