The virus of Viral marketing

You have heard marketing is doing wonders and creating miracles in the sale’s cycle of any product or service. You have also seen for sure that a bit of this marketing is wrapping you within its fiery tentacles as it is feverish in nature so much so that it is infectious right up to your closed dungeons.

The reason behind 100 plus million views is boggling. Hence, these trending videos with spunky content snippets and mind -bewitching concepts merit some analysis.

Like it or not, but they are responsible for snatching your attention amidst the clutter of other give-me-attention screaming marketing bullies.

You have nailed it by guessing that this pie of marketing is viral marketing. While making a salute to you for this, I would want to know if your brain ever got fixated upon the following aspects of viral marketing and its other close by shades.

No second opinion on claiming that marketing is going digital simply because we are in an era of the internet prodigy which is the biggest unifier among this planet’s any technicalities.

You will also agree that digital marketing is supreme.  We also need to agree that viral marketing is the hanging crown of this supremacy. How? We will unfold it bit by bit now.

Is everything that is going viral, trying to seek attention? Is everything that landed into the space of being ultra popular, will better frame it as ‘virally popular‘, making some undeniably compulsive call to bring us all to it?

Whatsoever, the answers lay in some not-so-direct secrets that they all possess.

ALS ice bucket challenge was unleashed to bring about a popular notice for a cause. The result is before all of us that it ended up making eye-balls wider and brains more informed about ALS disease. It had all those ingredients which are needed to make marketing overwhelming. Putting it to the point, it had marketing in its best form, the viral form.

There is no one sure shot arrow released to throw that attention-seeking bait. However, there is a bunch of sharp tactics that create magnificence on the digital plate which happens to catch every sense of most of the spectators.

What makes marketing go viral?

  1. Something which is FREE might go on the path of viral marketing.
  2. Something which is making repeated rounds in people’s mind due to that ONE tempting ‘free’ offer can become viral.
  3. But that is not enough unless it provides a value which weighs high on the happiness scale for people.
  4. Also, the virus of an idea should be implanted in such a medium that it reaches people in a welcoming way. The sail of that marketing campaign’s virus is essential to amplify its impact and become a multiplying chain of the marketing. That is the reason why youtube has been used widely as a platform for most of the past viral instances. Social media marketing should be done on the platforms that are suitable to make it all go repeat the cycle again and again everywhere.
  5. Making use of somebody’s resources which is already popular and this way the intended content gets pushed on the verge of viral marketing.
  6. How about something that is easy, concise, crisp and at the same time making the point straight to where it belongs? Yes, it will impact a lot.
  7. Emotional factor is what hits the audience where it is most vulnerable. Also to the extent that the justification for acceptance comes from within as if conscience has just allowed.
  8. Something that charges the audience with the feeling of ‘want-to-do-it-NOW ‘, will be taking immediate permission from audience’s schedule. This will invite huge automatic participation to climb those big numbers of popularity.


How to weave that loop of the popularity of being viral?

Here are the ways to create something which is the pinnacle of marketing:

  1. Surprise: Having a surprise, pleasant or not so pleasant one, makes us raise our eyebrows. This, in turn, brings the fact that, people won’t ignore something coming their way with a store of unexpectedness. It thrills them. It makes them go bonkers. It also creates an unimagined experience which is nothing short of an enriching one.
  2. Quirkiness: Everything is so right on earth that hardly it digs a space into our head. But, anything which is defying the rule starts vying in the attention-race as a frontrunner.
    Something sprinkled with seeds of strangeness will make you count it into your prominent notice.
    Make quirky stuff as the hallmark of your campaigns sometimes; you feel the difference as a result.
  1. Mystery: Create a plot. Make a blueprint of a mysterious turn of events in your marketing strategy. It may or may not ensure a success, but it will ensure a circle of whooping curiosity among the minds of people. They will click, reach out, view, participate, involve and engage more than your expectation.
    Pour out a puzzle into the court of your audience. They will rush to solve it. This way, you have built their craziness streak running right through their heads.
  1. Customer centric: Find everything related to your customer. Find them from X, Y, Z, every single dimension possible.
    Know them more than you know your relatives. Present an irresistible value before them.
    Bind their interest and make them bind the interests of their friends with shareability of your content.  In the process, Word-of-Mouth can be the natural game changer as well.
  1. Solid Market Research: Getting a solid market research is another unmistakable key to unlock the viral game. What does the market trends say in past, present and future? It will be helpful to get closer to your viral goals. Prepare the most relevant social media market research, SEO status and popular keywords to place your strategies where they will fit.Hope you create a buzz with this epic form of marketing. Start off and get your viral session of the digital marketing on board now.Because the present digital scenario is like:
    “Marketing, marketing everywhere with viral marketing as the in charge”.
    Realized by campaigns like The Blair Witch Project, Evian’s Roller Babies campaign, Burger King’s Subservient Chicken and many others that have gone viral.

    Gear up and take the chance to register in this hall of viral marketing club.

    Reach out to us here for making your next marketing campaign a viral one.
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Hitesh Kothari

Has played some key Digital Marketing roles when at IBM-Australia and New Zealand, Infosys, Sonata Software. Also worked with the world's best Digital marketer, Neil Patel as Internet marketing consultant helping startups to billion $ companies with their Digital Marketing. Has worked on 100+ marketing campaigns and a few of them are IBM Australian Open, SAPPHIRE, Oracle Open World, etc. He's currently leading Marketo Labz and giving digital marketing strategies to various companies and individuals alike.

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