Highlights of Digital Marketing Workshop

Did you hear about the Digital Marketing Workshop that happened at the Hub @Safina Plaza?

If your answer is no, then here are some highlights of the Workshop where Participants were so excited to learn the Basics of Digital Marketing for Retail Stores and took away more than they could carry.

Check out the highlights in the form of snippets captured during the Workshop.

The first Wednesday of October, we at Marketo Labz conducted the workshop on Transformation from Traditional to Digital Marketing planned and hosted for Retail Marketers at The HUB – Safina Plaza, Bangalore.

The event saw great participation from various shop owners located at Safina Plaza.

It was one amazing experience for both the hosts as well as the participants.

The training sessions were conducted by multiple trainers from Marketo Labz.

Our founder and CEO, Mr. Hitesh Kothari, kick-started the event with an introduction to Digital Marketing proceeding with opportunities and scope of digital marketing in the upcoming years.


Then we had Social Media Introduction by Pooja Yadav, Our Social Media specialist.


Following which we showed how we could build brand awareness by leveraging social media through  ads.

So who was behind the success of this event?

The Marketo Labz team of course!

So a big round of applause to the entire team for making this happen! They took care of the entire process, organizing the whole event which helped us focus on the content and execution.

Without them, the workshop wouldn’t have been a success!

Our Team

Here are some testimonials from the participants

Want to know more about the tips & tricks of Digital Marketing.

Check out our blog on  Digital Marketing for Retail Stores here.

Do let us know what you want the next workshop to be about!

We will make sure that it happens! 🙂

Hitesh Kothari

Has played some key Digital Marketing roles when at IBM-Australia and New Zealand, Infosys, Sonata Software. Also worked with the world's best Digital marketer, Neil Patel as Internet marketing consultant helping startups to billion $ companies with their Digital Marketing. Has worked on 100+ marketing campaigns and a few of them are IBM Australian Open, SAPPHIRE, Oracle Open World, etc. He's currently leading Marketo Labz and giving digital marketing strategies to various companies and individuals alike.

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